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ROM knee brace A ROM knee brace, also known as a range-of-motion knee brace, is a type of orthopedic device used to provide support and control the movement of the knee joint. It is commonly prescribed by healthcare professionals, such as orthopedic surgeons or physical therapists, to aid in the rehabilitation process following a knee injury or surgery. The primary purpose of a ROM knee brace is to limit or allow specific ranges of motion at the knee joint, depending on the stage of recovery or the specific condition being treated. It is often used during the early stages of rehabilitation when immobilization is necessary and gradually adjusted as the patient progresses. ROM knee braces typically consist of a rigid frame or structure that wraps around the leg and knee. They are equipped with adjustable hinges or stops that can be set to limit or control the flexion (bending) and extension (straightening) of the knee. Some braces also allow limited sideways movement to accommodate specific conditions or post-surgical protocols. By controlling the range of motion, a ROM knee brace helps protect the knee from excessive or harmful movement, provides stability, and promotes healing. It also allows for controlled movement and gradual rehabilitation exercises to prevent stiffness and muscle weaknes We service HSR layout, bellandur, Hosur road, electronic city, sarjapura road, Hosa Road, Koramangala, Harlur road, sarjapura, chandapura, kudlu, somasandrapalya, BTM layout, Hoodi,